Three Reasons Why Lead Generation Programs Crash

There’s a classic joke where a man has to have his car towed to the mechanic’s shop. He watches as the mechanic pokes methodically around beneath the hood. After a while, the mechanic closes the hood and wipes his grease-covered hands off with a rag.”Well,” asks the man. “Do you know what the problem is?””Yep.” Replies the mechanic, confidently. “It’s broke.”Sometimes, figuring out what’s wrong with your underperforming lead generation program can feel about as enlightening. It feels like everything is running smoothly, but it’s just not going anywhere. It’s obvious that something in your program is broken…but exactly what that something is isn’t so obvious. Back to our computer analogy from the last post, your program just seems to have suddenly crashed.

There are three common reasons why a lead generation program crashes: you’re not reaching the decision maker, your script is shut down before you really get going, or there just isn’t a need for your product or service. Let’s take a look at each of these and see if there’s something we can do about them.

1) No contact with decision maker – do you have the name of your decision maker? This is a vital piece of information that can transform your program almost instantly, and all it takes is a little research on the front end. Dialing without a name will produce low contact rates; when you ask “who buys [insert your product here]?” you are telegraphing the gatekeeper that you are a sales person and you do not have a existing relationship with the decision maker. The gatekeeper, who is paid to be protective of his or her employer’s valuable time, is likely to shut you down right there.

2) Early termination of your phone call or script shut down – This is the most common reason why lead generation programs crash. This is most likely to occur when you sound like you are staged, forced or reading a script. Take the time to learn your script and practice reciting it until it sounds natural and flows easily. This can also happen because your introduction ( this is where you state who you are, what you do and why you are calling) is way too long. Early termination happens early because you have approx 12 sec in the beginning of your call where the decision maker is deciding whether he or she is going to stay on the line. Think of your introduction as the headline of a news article or ad; you have about one breath’s worth of speech to engage your audience, or you’ve lost them.

3) No need for your product or service – Have you found the right mix of companies to call on? For example if you are a website designer you may find smaller companies to be better prospects than larger. Larger companies may have an in-house staff or be working with a dedicated design firm because they are so web intensive. In smaller growth companies, there is more likely a need for your level of expertise, but they are not ready (or able) to commit to hiring a full time in house person. Take a good look at your list of prospects and analyze them with a great deal of scrutiny. If a prospect isn’t a good match, there is no need to waste your time…or theirs. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Total lead generation crashes, where no leads at all are being developed, may have all or some of these issues. And it only takes one of these problems to be present to create a crash. If you can identify the weak link, then you have a great chance of reviving your program and getting back in the game.

Transformation Solution Reviews – Is This Program Effective?

Every diet and fitness plan should be judged mainly by the results it helps its users to achieve. In this article I want to go over the things that you may be able to achieve by using the Transformation Solution Program by Bill Phillips.

Although the current format of the program may be new, Bill Phillips, the author of the Transformation Solution has helped thousands (and some say over a million people) change their body, their lifestyle and their life.

What’s important is that Bill Phillips takes a comprehensive approach to fat loss. He doesn’t focus on nutrition and exercise (though these two things do play a significant role in his program), but places the greatest emphasis on inner change.

By working on your habits, lifestyle, mindset, and thought processes, the Transformation Solution strives to create a more positive, rewarding, and beneficial experience which will influence your physical habits and help you burn fat and tone your body.

This is an effective approach as the reason that you got overweight in the first place has a lot to do with what’s going on inside of you. The things you believe in, the way you lead your life, your mood, and so on, are what drive you to eat badly and to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. It is also what makes it difficult for you to change things for the better.

While you will also learn how to eat right and how to train effectively to increase your metabolism, burn more calories, and tone your body, the real strength of the Transformation Solution Program is in the way it helps you change you internally.

No longer will you be hindered by past failures, a sense that you can’t achieve your goals, despair, or other negative emotions. There will be setbacks as with any weight loss plan but you will learn to look at them as temporary and not something you need to worry about. This does require you to do some work as you need to change habits which have been entrenched for years. So, don’t be afraid of this challenge but be ready for it.

By using this plan you will gain new tools to help you change your body and your life for the better, burn fat, and get lean. I believe that this plan is a good one to achieve a true physical and emotional transformation for many years to come.

11 Steps on How to Achieve the Ultimate Body Transformation

You have seen those amazing body transformation success stories plaguing the flashy fitness magazines and fitness websites.

You ask yourself, are these people for real? Did they really do that in 12 weeks? HOW did they do that in 12 weeks?

I will tell you exactly how those ultimate body transformation success stories are so successful, and this information dips well below the basic dieting and exercise information.

When most people venture onto a body transformation goal they outline the prefect plan and start it full force at the beginning of the week. They are die-hard, and by the middle of the second week they have usually burned out.

Sound familiar?

If your body transformation program fizzles out before you get it started, these 11 steps will be a great help and give you the advantage on your next body transformation journey.

Step #1 – The Primary Rule

Before you even get started with your body transformation challenge you need to set the primary rule, which is to set goals. If your body transformation process entails 12 weeks, break your goals down into a few short-term goals and one long-term goal. If you fail to take advantage of the primary rule, you may as well stop now.

Step #2 – The Closing Date

Along with writing out your goals you need to end your plan with a deadline. Everyone has a starting date, but very few write down a closing date, the actual date they plan to finish their program. If you don’t give yourself a deadline to attain your goals you won’t finish your program and you won’t be a body transformation success.

Step #3 – Scheme of Combat

After you get your goals set in stone with a deadline in place you need to create a plan of action. This plan is the course you must take each day to ensure daily success that will take you to your ultimate goal.

An example of a coordinated plan is to write out exactly what you will do each day to make each day successful, such as eating 6 meals a day, drinking a gallon of water, working out, etc.

In your starting notes, jot down your scale weight, body fat percentage, body measurements, and take pictures of yourself from 4 different views (front, back, and each side).

Step #4 – Dedicate and Commit

Once you have all your ducks lined up, start your plan of action. Put it into full effect Monday morning. Follow it as outlined each day. Make your plan of action a part of your daily life.

Keep in mind that just because you have goals set and written, an action plan, and started your new transformation journey doesn’t guarantee success. If you want to be a transformation success you have to stay dedicated to your plan of action.

This dedication isn’t an on and off relationship, it’s the whole kit-n-caboodle. You start fresh Monday morning and follow through each day 100%, no swaying, no cheats, just pure dedication and commitment. It’s only 12 weeks.

Step #5 – Sneak a Quick Peek

After your first two weeks on your transformation program take your stats to see what changes have occurred. Is there a change in weight and/or body fat percentage? Have your measurements changed? Can you see visual changes in the mirror and how your clothes fit?

Note any changes, good or bad, and use that as information to tweak your program to keep you moving in the direction you want to go.

Step #6 – 30 Day Photo Shoot

After a full month of staying 100% dedicated to your plan of action take some more full body pictures of all 4 angels (front, back, and each side).

These 30 days updated pictures are ammunition to better tweak your program. Put them side-by-side to your starting pictures. Note any physical visual changes.

Step #7 – One Month Evaluation

Also, at your 30 day photo shoot, evaluate your one-month’s progress. Check your weight and body fat percentage and measurements again. Note any changes.

After one month of being fully dedicated to your program you should have stat numbers and photos that give you good insight on how well you are doing on your program.

If everything is going according to your plan, then keep on that same course of action. If you are not transforming you need to modify and make changes to your diet or cardio.

Step #8 – If It Is Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

A big mistake many people make when doing a transformation challenge is they “tweak” every few days if the scale is not showing them the number they want to see. Tweak your plan only when it’s necessary. A tweak is a small change, not an overhaul of your program.

Step #9 – Excuse Me

If you want to be a transformation success story, stop making excuses such as “I cheated because it was my birthday,” “I had to attend a luncheon,” “my kids have (fill in blank) practice,” “I went out and had a few drinks,” etc.

These excuses are just that, excuses, and excuses are the path to nowhere. If you want to be a transformation success story, stop the excuses and just do what is required.

Step #10 – Can the Self Trash-Talk

NEVER talk or think about yourself in a negative sense. If you refer to yourself or pictures as “fat,” fat butt,” “fat a$$” that’s what you will become. No successful bodybuilder, figure or fitness competitor, or transformation success story refers to themselves as fat. They only visualize themselves in the shape they want to be in, and speak of themselves in a positive frame of mind.

You can absolutely alter your thinking to produce the results you want, but you have to think and speak in positive terms. Hoping for a fit body but thinking and speaking negatively is worthless.

Your mind is a powerful tool so use it to your advantage!

Step #11 – Repeat

Repeat steps 4-10 every thirty days until you reach your deadline or ultimate goal.


It’s not enough to just want to transform your body, you have to have a passion for it. You have to have determination. You have to do what it takes even if you don’t feel like it. Successes always go that extra mile to be their best.

Do what it takes every day and follow through on your program 100% every day you will be the one shining in the spotlight of victory.