Transformation Solution Program Review – Is Bill Phillips For Real?

When I first heard about the Transformation Solution Program by Bill Phillips I didn’t know what to think. On the one hand, Phillips is a well known author who is widely respected. On the other, the program, as it was described to me, seemed to be a bit too hazy, the sort of psychological development programs which I never really liked.

However, when I got the program I read it with interest because I like learning new things in the health and fitness niche and because Bill Phillips has such a great reputation.

What I found is that while the Transformation Solution Program does deal a lot with the mental aspects of personal development, it does so in a way which makes a lot of sense. There’s very little of the new-age mumbo-jumbo that is so common in self-help books which don’t offer any real help at all. The tips in this program are very down to Earth and goal oriented.

Transformation Solution Program is a fitness and fat loss plan. The program begins by helping you to set the right kind of goals. Then, you proceed to learn how to exercise and how and what to eat to boost your metabolism and achieve a fast fat loss. The exercise and nutrition info in this program is top notch. There’s a lot of reference to research and studies so you actually know why you need to do things as Phillips teaches.

You can lose a lot of body fat with these tips. I’ve read testimonials of people who totally changed how they look and feel.

It’s quite clear that Phillips knows his stuff and that he put in a lot of work into creating this plan. But the main part of the plan doesn’t deal with fat loss specifically. It teaches you how to transform your life from the inside out in a variety of ways such as:

– Unlearning bad habits and learning new and better ones

– How to stop striving for perfection and focus on progress instead.

– How to stop punishing yourself for past mistakes and begin living your life from this moment onward.

– How to take charge of your life and accept responsibility for what happens.

– How to develop a positive mindset for success and personal achievement.

– And a lot more.

To call this program a fat loss plan is not accurate. It’s much more than that. It is a plan that shows you how you can change anything in your life which you want to be different, whether it’s to lose weight, get flat abs, or just become a happier person.