3 SEO Trends for 2017 That Can Have a Big Impact on Revenue

At the end of each year there always seems to be someone saying that SEO (search engine optimization) is dead. Well, as Mark Twain once said after hearing that his obituary had been printed in a well-known newspaper, “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” SEO is changing, as it always has. As Google and the other search engines change their algorithms, SEO adapts. Websites must also adapt or they will begin to lose traffic and revenue. In 2017, there are some SEO trends that are important for any business website.

Google Will Be Indexing Mobile First

Google is planning on crawling the mobile or responsive mobile version of a website before crawling the desktop version. The content on the mobile version will be used for the website’s ranking on the results pages. The mobile first index is a huge change, emphasizing Google’s determination to provide a good user experience. Since there have been more mobile than desktop users for a couple years, this indexing change makes sense.

There’s no need to panic if your website isn’t ready for this change. This indexing change probably won’t take place until summer 2017.

Voice Search

Voice search has been around for a while, but hadn’t made much of an impact on search marketing. However, technology and consumer preferences have reached a flash point that has sent voice search heading for the stratosphere. About 55% of tech-savvy teens are now using voice search every day. Adults confess to enjoying voice search, but are not yet using it as frequently as teens. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2017 and beyond.

Why does this matter for your website? Spoken search phrases aren’t the same as typed search phrases, but are similar to normal speech. Content needs to be optimized and reformatted. Voice search often uses questions beginning with words such as who, what, when, where and why.


Video continues to gain in popularity. Written content is still king, but video could be leading a revolution. New technologies add to the importance of video. If there is no video on your website, consider adding video tutorials, webinars or other video features.

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