6 Tips for the Creation of an Effective Trade Show Display

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for new and established companies to market their services and products while grabbing the attention of potential customers. However, the opportunity can be wasted if the company does not put together a memorable display. Below are several tips on creating an attention-getting display for the company’s next trade show appearance.

Use Pro-Quality Signage and Graphics

No one will give a second look to a trade show booth that’s covered in home-printed signage and graphics. However, using professionally created signage and graphics is an excellent way to catch attendees’ eyes and make them want to find out more about the company.

Keep Things Simple

While it’s important to create an eye-catching display, it is equally important to keep things simple and clean. Don’t overwhelm and confuse visitors with contrasting, clashing colors. With Event table covers and other accessories, stick to a simplified color scheme that allows the aforementioned signage and graphics to take center stage.

Use Lighting Carefully

For a trade show display to be truly successful, it needs good lighting. White, soft lights that brightly illuminate the signage, the products and the booth itself are a must. While flashing LEDs can quickly grab a visitor’s attention, they should be used sparingly.

Think About Flooring Choices

A trade show booth will need a floor that can stand up to increased foot traffic while drawing in more visitors. Typically, the lighter the floor’s color, the more conspicuous the booth and its products will be.

Use the Right Furnishings

Using displays, fixtures and furniture that’s specially made for trade show use can save an exhibitor a great deal of time and frustration when taking down and setting up the booth. Don’t skimp by using tables and chairs from home; invest in exhibit-specific furniture instead.

Don’t Cut Corners on Installation and Materials

Finally, the installation methods and materials a company uses to assemble a trade show display should always be of high quality. After all, a booth that falls apart during the show will do nothing to boost a company’s credibility!

These tips can help companies ensure that they create a trade show display that advertises services and products as effectively and accurately as possible. However, if the exhibitor feels as if they’re getting in over their head, they can consult a show service company for advice.