Employee Health and Safety Is a Paramount Concern for Employers

It makes sense that employees want to feel safe and comfortable in their working environment. Studies have shown that workplace stress is the top issue employees see as a workplace risk. Stress can take the form of concern about the safety conditions of a job as well as the deadlines employers set for completed work. Employees who feel that their bosses or owners don’t care how safe the environment is in which they work won’t be motivated to do make their best efforts. Business blogger nancy-rubin explains there are several reasons health and safety in the office is vital.

The well-being, both physical and mental, of employees is a benefit employers can’t offer as they would paid time off or overtime pay. It’s just as important, if not more important, however, than these more tangible benefits. Employees who don’t feel that their bosses are willing to see that they stay safe and well while on the job won’t give the extra effort that’s often needed to accomplish goals. Morale will drop and employee turnover will increase. An employer will find it difficult to overcome a poor reputation in the area of workplace health and safety.

There are physical reasons as well for an employer to focus on offering an office environment that is healthy and safe. Injuries due to falls from ladders or toppling file cabinets are some of the most obvious reasons to make sure the office environment is safe. A risk that often isn’t as obvious is the danger of food-borne illnesses due to poor food handling procedures in the office kitchen. Chronic issues like back pain due to inadequate office chairs or repetitive motion injuries can also impact employee production.

Finally, the financial impact of poor health and safety procedures in the office may make employers sit up and take notice even if other benefits don’t. Lost employee hours due to injury or illness impact a company’s bottom line. Employees who don’t feel they’ve received fair compensation for health or safety issues they’ve experienced at work have the right to sue, which ties up even more of the company’s time and money as well as harming overall morale. For these reasons, it might be a good idea for employers to hire safety consultants to make sure they are doing all they can to keep their employees as safe and healthy as possible while on the job.