How To Detoxify Your Body – Ultimate Reset 21-Day Cleanse Program Review

It’s a proven fact that our natural bodily processes lose efficiency if not properly cleansed. Much of the food we consume is over-processed and unhealthy and our environment, especially in cities, is teeming with toxins. Unchecked, a build up of toxins in our systems is directly linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity and premature aging.

The Centers for Disease Control tell us that obesity in the United States is at epidemic levels, with about 35% of adults and 17% of children and adolescents meeting the clinical definition of obese. The American Cancer Society reports that up to 80% of deaths from cancer involve toxic elements in the environment.

Environmental factors, for the most part, are beyond our control, but we are responsible for what goes into our bodies. The human body responds to an influx of toxins and chemicals by covering them in fat, putting us at risk for a myriad of health problems. Detoxification is essential to keeping the body well-tuned and avoiding weight gain and disease.

A detox or “reset” is a meticulously designed, comprehensive inner body tune-up that can restore your body’s natural vitality in just three weeks. A gentle, no-starvation cleanse can help counteract the effects of toxins and harmful chemicals from the air, water and food we eat.

The detox is designed to restore the body to its optimal “factory settings” to improve energy and focus, help overcome feelings of being fatigued and sluggish, improve digestion, lower cholesterol and regain maximum health. For some people, this means feeling truly renewed and restored for the first time ever.

In Phase 1, you “Reclaim” your body’s natural state, balancing inner chemistry and preparing it for change. In Phase 2, you “Release” the toxic compounds that are clogging your cells and stored within your tissues. In Phase 3, you “Restore” your metabolism to optimal efficiency, while strengthening your body with the nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics it needs to maintain healthy performance.

Supplement formulations are essential to help restore your body to optimal settings. (1) “Alkalinize” helps maintain alkalinity. (2) “Optimize” promotes a healthy metabolism and effective body functions. (3) “Oxygenize” helps provide supplemental oxygen to the body. (4) “Mineralize” adds natural minerals needed by the body. (5) “Detox” helps remove toxins and waste in the colon, and (6) “Revitalize” helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.

It’s important to remember that a reset is NOT a starvation diet. Each day you’ll eat three healthy, satisfying meals. This is a life-transforming, detox program with proven results. The gradual, systematic approach delivers real, long-term change and a return to your natural state of balance and well-being.