Is the Total Transformation by James Lehman Right For You?

The Total Transformation by James Lehman is said to have helped thousands of parents effectively stop their teen’s out-of-control, defiant behavior. Can the Total Transformation do just that? They say it’s a “simple, step-by-step program, designed to teach you how to effectively stop your defiant teen’s behavior.”

After reading countless reviews and reviewing the program for myself, The Total Transformation does that. The keyword in the above quote is, “teach you”. As a parent, you can learn certain approaches, problem solving techniques, and how to identify triggers to your teen’s defiant behavior.

One often overlooked concept in parenting a teen, is that you don’t have to participate in EVERY argument with your teen. You simply don’t. Is this program right for you? Are you ready to devote time to it? It will take a very proactive position from you in order to instill these techniques. But, once you do, peace will slowly seep it’s way back to your home.

The Total Transformation can help you manage your teen in many areas.

  1. Problem Solving. Teaching your teen how to solve problems on their own, or together with you, is a major focus of the program. Teens often run into problems and handle them negatively. They don’t know HOW to manage problems without getting angry and defiant. They often scream and lose control of themselves.
  2. Responsible Love and Concern. As a parent, this says, “I love you, but you can’t talk to me that way.” Or, “I love you, but I’m not going to lie to the cops for you.” It teaches love, but also concern. This teaches a teen that they now have to take responsibility for their actions.

These are just a couple perspectives and lessons that are taught in The Total Transformation. The program is less expensive than family therapy sessions or counseling. You can look inside the program or read thousands of reviews from very satisfied families.