the essential laws of chairs explained

If you are looking to purchase a nursery rocking chair you will no doubt have already found that there are many different makes and models to choose from. Ultimately, picking the right one for you will be based on your own tastes, needs, and requirements.

To work out what you need, the main thing to be aware of is the different features between the many models of nursery rocking chairs available and the different benefits that each of these features brings.

Rocking motion

Glider rocker chairs are among the newer and most popular of nursery rocking chairs. The design of these particular rocker chairs has been modified so that the rocking of the chair is smoother and does not jar. The obvious benefit of this is it becomes much easier to rock a baby to sleep since the noise of the motion of the chair is kept to a minimum.


Many rockers are made of wood although there are many different types of wood used in their construction. The key difference is in the weight of the wood used, with heavy wooden chairs being slightly bulkier but also sturdier. This contrasts with rockers that are constructed with lightweight wood to make them less bulky and much easier to move around the home.

Some nursery rocking chairs are produced with natural wood and while they may be a little costlier, they can provide a much better visual look than wood that has been processed. Natural wood nursery rocking chairs not only provide a better visual look, they are recognised as being built to last. This is particularly important if you are considering keeping your nursery rocker as an heirloom.


Although there are chairs that come with footrests, these are not standard across all models. If a footrest is an important feature for you, it is possible to purchase a traditional rocking chair with such a feature, and depending upon the particular model, the footrest may even be detachable.

Back Support

Certain chairs are also built with back support, which can make rocking in the chair a great deal more comfortable and help your posture especially when you are feeding your baby. This can be a particularly important feature if you need to take stress off your lower back so be sure to check if this is included.
No other manifestation of nature’s creative process so creatively displays the miracle of alchemy as does the unfolding of the seed. From a tiny hard kernel, looking to untutored observation like a lifeless stone or pebble, a new plant springs into existence. The light and warmth of the sun beckon the hidden life force within the seed to germinate and come forth. A tender sprout pushes outward into the soil. Soon a pair of leaves emerge from the soil, turning towards the light.

With the correct combination of the elements such as water, air, earth and the sun, the miracle unfolds. From a simple seed emerges a flowering plant. Through nature’s mysterious alchemy, a fragile acorn with time becomes a majestic oak. In like manner, each human has a spirit seed within our souls and an unquenchable divine spark. Just as an acorn might never dare imagine that it could become an oak, or a worm becoming a butterfly, so do we fail to comprehend the awesome creative potential within us.

Yet if we provide the proper elements in the form of inspired thoughts, constructive activity and warm feelings, we find that we begin to blossom in the sacred garden of our limitless potential. Perhaps, life’s profoundest secret is the dynamic seed potential of our being. We unfold the potential of our being. We unfold the potential of our spirit through our actions in life.

Through nature’s artful language, the law of the seed teaches us how best to live our lives. Gardeners were, perhaps, the first philosophers. Gardeners contemplated the mystery of the seed. They drew a conclusion from the wisdom of nature’s school of life. Gardeners understood that they can only harvest what they first planted. If you want carrots then you need to first plant the carrot seeds. Thus gardeners gained insight into the laws of the soul. As it is in the garden, so it is in life.