Transformation Solution Program Vs Truth About Abs

In this article I want to review two highly recommended fat loss programs and help you see which one of them is right for you. The first program is the Transformation Solution Program by Bill Phillips and the second is Truth About Abs by Mike Geary. Let’s see how these programs differ from each other.

Truth About Abs is a fat loss program which is marketed as a way to get flat abs quickly. It is the most successful abs program online today and it boasts a variety of success stories among men and women both.

The program doesn’t merely address belly fat. It is a program that helps to tone your body completely. Truth About Abs is based on doing full body strength exercises and following a nutrition plan which is based more on healthy food choices rather than on calorie control. The program includes photographs to illustrate each of the exercises and there is also a version which provides videos of all the workouts.

The Transformation Solution Program is marketed as a generalized fat loss plan and an overall life changing program. The author, Bill Phillips is a well known bestselling health and fitness author and his approach is a more holistic one than that taken in Truth About Abs.

In Transformation Solution, a greater emphasis is placed on what goes on inside of you, on the psychological process which you need to go through in order to lose body fat, get fit, eat better, and maintain your results for years to come. While Phillips does teach you how to workout effectively and what and how to eat (including his own routine), he does so in less detail than Mike Geary does.

Transformation Solution is great for people who feel trapped in a cycle of bad habits, past failures, and lack of self belief and will power. The program provides a variety of techniques to create the right kind of mindset and thought processes to create a more positive lifestyle. I believe it is an excellent plan if you feel that you simply can’t lose weight.

On the other hand, if all you feel you need is some guidance in correct exercise and nutrition techniques then Truth About Abs should prove very effective. It is also cheaper.

Both programs and authors have positive reviews and testimonials. You can lose body fat and get lean with either. Transformation Solution is wider in scope, so if you feel that you’re looking for a total life change, it is the one for you.