Transformation Solution Review

Body For Life author Bill Phillips is at it again! He has a new program hitting the ‘interweb’ that is picking up where Body For Life left off and helping people to transform not only their bodies, but also their heart’s, soul’s, and lives. The Transformation Solution kicks off with some really impressive stories about people who have ‘transformed’ their bodies following Bill’s advice.

Bill then proceeds to share a story about when he was a kid and his Dad would take him and the rest of his family hiking. He used this ‘base and summit analogy to drive home the point that you have start somewhere on your transformation journey and that its vitally important to have clear goals in mind when starting your own transformation.

The rest of this Transformation Solution program goes on to reveal Mr. Phillips 18 Week proprietary program for transforming your mind, body, and soul. He has a knack for picking up where other health and fitness authors leave off and he covers a myriad of concepts that most would never touch (and I think this will be a big reason why so many people will have success following the Transformation Solution program while other programs have failed for them).

In the rest of the Transformation Solution a variety of topics such as Exercise prescription, right nutrition, the community connection, Lifetime intentions, healthy space makeovers, progress not perfection, the Big Forgive, accepting responsibility, and many more cool concepts that are all critical to a successful Body Transformation.

All in all I think Bill Phillips has topped his previous work and has done a great job creating a program that will help people transform in many aspects of their lives. Bill Phillips even said in his book that he has been researching why people successful at transforming their bodies did succeed and how you can do the same as well.