What Are The Major Benefits Of Hiring A Chicago Wedding Planner?

In Illinois, for brides, a wedding is full of excitement and give them the chance to be a princess for a day. However, the process of planning the wedding often becomes stressful. The following are the major benefits of hiring a Chicago wedding planner.

Gaining Access to More Venues

Local wedding planners have immediate access to the most highly coveted venues. Through their career, they build working relationships with venue managers. These connections help them to secure impossible venues. These relationships enable them to stay connected to these managers who will notify them when cancellations occur and when new dates become open. They may also acquire extras through these connections including discounts for hotel rooms and in-room amenities.

Ordering Supplies for the Wedding

A wide variety of suppliers helps the planner to access everything the bride wants. These connections eliminate limitations that could prevent them from acquiring decorations, table settings, and favors. If they planner cannot acquire select items from one supplier, they have access to more choices to fulfill the bride’s desires.

Ordering the Wedding Cake

Planners can also connect brides to amazing bakeries. If they have a specific wedding cake design in mind, the planner helps them find a designer that can create it. They help them find a bakery that can get the cake ready in time for the wedding. They also manage delivery and setup for the wedding cake at the venue. Select bakeries may also provide a backup cake just in case an accident occurs.

Dress Fittings and the Selection Process

The planner coordinates additional appointments for the bride and wedding party. They schedule the dress fittings and meet with bridal shops for the selection process. They also book hair appointments for entire wedding party. This frees up the bride’s time and allows them to focus on the fun portions of the wedding.

In Illinois, brides reduce their wedding stress by hiring a wedding planner. These planners help them with everything between the flower selections to their hair and nail appointments. They manage everything for the wedding and reception. Brides who need these services contact a local planner now.